Our innovative tools include analysis of

Big Data

to generating insights through

Shopper Psychology


Shopper Psychology



Shoppers are often bombarded with information when they walk into a store: from packaging cues to POP messaging, shelf layouts, price and promotions.


These subliminally shape perceptions and unconsciously alter behaviour, which is why what shoppers say and what they do are often very different.


Our focus on price and promotion in-store has driven rational as opposed to emotional choices. We need to understand what makes our shoppers tick in order to reconnect with them.

Big Data

we do basket level transactional analysis to understand how to unlock growth, prioritise investment and win with shoppers across the 5P’s


Too often we try to oversimplify data in order to make it manageable, however, the insights that will unlock growth and drive improved profitability are often hidden in the complexity of the data.


We use a combination of traditional data analytics, predictive modelling and AI (machine learning) to generate different levels of insight.


The use of all of these analytical tools requires the knowledge of how to direct and channel the analysis to yield relevant and actionable insights and then the expertise of how to apply them to achieve the commercial objectives.

The marriage between big data and shopper psychology

unveils what is at the heart of shoppercentricity


ShopperSense, one of the most robust Shopper Insights Studies in SA, provides a shopper-centric approach to building Profitable Customer Marketing strategies.

This next generation solution enables you to create greater relevance with shoppers, more frequent conversion and a sustainable increase in consumption patterns so that you exceed your commercial objectives.

ShopperSense is a syndicated study designed to measure shopper behaviour and the drivers that underpin shoppers’ choices across all consumable purchases in every channel shopped. 
We do this by talking to shoppers via our mobile app and building a ‘transaction history’ of all the retailers they have shopped so we can contextualize their spend.

This integrated insight is the basis for winning Channel, Customer, Category and Brand plans that drive growth and deliver a higher ROI

ShopperSense provides insight across the 5W’s of Shopper Marketing to provide the framework to identify and unlock the Category growth opportunity across Customers / Channels

  • Where to activate
  • How much to invest
  • What basket behaviour to leverage
  • The optimal touchpoints & tactics for conversion
  • How to communicate with shoppers

Influence and change shopper behaviour by creating relevance and applying targeted tactics


We assist retailers with identifying opportunities to drive traffic to their stores, grow the basket (in terms of size, spend and / or profitability) and optimise Category performance.

Store clustering and Format Strategy development with ‘perfect store guidelines’ to inform:
Macro Space Planning
Promotional Strategies
Shopper Communication

Shoppers have become more savvy and as a result, are looking for stores that offer the best value. This is impacting on channel and retailer share of feet and basket conversion.

We do basket level transactional analysis including:

  • Transactional & Loyalty card data Analysis
  • Promotion effectiveness monitoring
  • ROI modelling 



Performance Monitoring

Promotional Effectiveness

One-to-one Marketing Solutions


Shoppers are increasingly open to other brands at the POP. This suggests that an understanding of shoppers’ needs as well as the drivers of shopper behaviour that influence them at the POP are key to achieving improved ROI.

Shopper Marketing Strategies (for Categories and Brands)
Differentiated Channel and Retailer Plans
Ranging (Optimisation & Rationalisation)
Merchandising Strategies (Store layouts & Category flows)
Promotional Effectiveness and ROI
Shopper Media & Communication Strategies
RTM Strategies
Expanded Distribution Programmes

We have a range of shopper research techniques including:

  • In-store interviews
  • Shopper diaries
  • Shopper tracking
  • Accompanied Shops
  • Vox POP’s

We understand the relevance of insights in building effective category and channel strategies


We understand how consumer behavior translates into shopper behavior and the consumption drivers that underpin shopper’s choices.

The future currency in Marketing will be brand relevance. 

Our insights and strategies are designed to change consumption behaviour and give your brand a competitive advantage:
Consumption Growth Strategies
Portfolio Optimisation & NPD
Marketing Mix Optimisation
Price Modelling

We use a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques to inform these strategies:

  • In depth & Face to face interviews

  • Group discussions

  • Product and packaging tests

  • Conjoint studies

Improved share and ROI requires a more targeted approach


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